Tuberose Care Guide: Growing Tuberose for Beginner

Tuberose is a popular flower in the world. Plants are grass like, long and narrow. By the proper Tuberose Care, Plant may height in 15 – 20cm. The flowers are pure white, bloom after the dusk and early part of the night. Varieties are differentiated into single, semi-double and double based on the number of petals present. Spikes are 50 – 90cm long, single varieties are more fragrant than the double ones. Flowers are used for cut flowers, making garlands, crown etc., and also for decoration purpose. Spikes last for 7 – 12 days in cases depending upon room temperature.

Tuberose Care Guide: Growing Tuberose for Beginner
Fig: Tuberose Flower

TUBEROSE Polyanthes tuberosa

Family: Amaryllidaceae

Origin: Mexico

Tuberose Care Guide: Growing Tuberose for Beginner

Soil and Climate

High temperature and high humidity are essential for tuberose cultivation. 20 – 300 C temperature is suitable. The Sunny place is the best. partial shade may give success to some extent but, the disastrous result is noticed if grown under shade. Performs best in fertile and well-drained soil with 6.5 to 7.5 soil pH. Clay type of soil is the best.


Tuberose can be propagated in two ways.

i) Sexually by seed

ii) Asexually by the bulb.

Bulbs are planted during summer through the rainy season, but April – May is the best. Larger bulbs should be selected while smaller bulbs take a long time to flower.


Land should be ploughed and cross ploughed for 2 – 3 times. Weeds should be removed properly after ploughing the land.

Manures and fertilizers:

Cow dung   : 2 – 4 kg / m2

Nitrogen: 10 – 20g,,

P2O5: 20 – 40g,,

K2O: 20 – 40g,,

Cow dung and Phosphorus should be applied during final land preparation. Nitrogen and Potassium should be applied in the split application, 1st one about three weeks after planting and 2nd dose just after the appearance of the flower bud. Application of liquid manure is suggested.


The bulbs should be planted at a spacing of 30 x 30cm. Bulbs should be placed at a depth of 7 – 10cm in fertile soil and heavy rainfall area.


June – October is the peak period for flower production in tuberose. Tuberose care should be done properly in this time. Old and dry leaves should be removed. During winter when plants are about to die they should be cut at the ground level. The crop should be irrigated during dry the season and also should have proper drainage during the rainy season when there is a heavy downpour.

Tuberose care and Harvesting

The tuberoses are harvested with a long stick when two bottom flower buds take full white color. Harvesting should be done preferably early in the morning. After harvesting, the spikes should be immersed in the bucketful of water up to the lower level of the spike and then to be stored in a cool and humid place. The production can be increased by the proper tuberose care.



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