Step by Step Country Bean Cultivation Process

There are different types of beans in the world and Country Bean is one of the most favorite fiber contain vegetable. It contains rich amount of fiber, vitamin, and minerals which are very important for our health. Country bean can produce nitrogen in their root zone by nodules and provide nitrogen to the soil. The cultivation process of Country Bean is the same like Bottle Gourd cultivation, Pumpkin or Sweet Gourd cultivation,  Wax Gourd (Winter Melon) cultivation etc.  Here is the step by step guideline of country bean cultivation process.

About Country BeanStep by Step Country Bean Cultivation Process

Common Name: Country Bean

Scientific Name: Dolichos lablab

Family: Leguminosae

Country Bean Cultivation Process

Country bean is a cool season and drought resistant vegetable. It’s production mainly depends on the fertility of soil, climate, temperature and proper management. It may take average 130-200 days from planting to harvesting. The mature color of country bean becomes yellow from the green. The country bean should be harvested before the fully mature stage.

Soil and Climate

Country bean is grown in all types of soil. But loamy soil and sandy loamy soils are best for country bean cultivation. The steps of growth and fertilization of these crops are affected by the temperature and length of day. The temperature should be low due to seed fertilization with the short day. Pollination can’t occur properly without cold climate. But for the summer variety, pollination may occur any time after the planting because of temperature and day neutral character. The pH range of 6.5-8.5 is suited for country bean cultivation.

Life stage

Early variety- 130-160 day (till the collecting of seeds)

Late variety- 150-200 day (till the collecting of seeds)


Deshi:Step by Step Country Bean Cultivation Process

  • Bari Shim-1
  • Bari Shim-2
  • Bari Shim-3 (Summer Variety)



  • Dasara
  • Dipali
  • Kankan Bushan
Cultivation area
Time of sowing
Life stage
Production (ton/ha)
Diseases and Insects
Bari Shim-1 ♦ Seeds can be sowing till the last week of June.

♦ Every country bean contain 4-5 seeds and weight is 10-11 g.

♦ The product of this variety 5-6 kg per plant.

♦ Soft and tasty.

♦ Medium early variety.

All area of Bangladesh May-June. 200-220 days 2.5-3 This is a Virus resistance verity. The attacks of other insects and diseases also very low. This is a medium early and high production variety. That’s why Farmers can more profit by cultivation this variety.
Bari Shim-2 ♦ Every country bean is 10-13 cm long and 1.5-3.0 cm wide.

♦ It can be collected 15-16 times in a season.

All area of Bangladesh April-June. 190-210 Days 1.5-2 This is a powdery mildew and downy mildew resistance variety. This is also virus resistance variety.
Bari Shim-3 (summer season) ♦ Day-neutral and can grow on high temperature.

♦ It can be cultivated any time of a year.

♦ It can be collected 12-14 times every season.

All area of Bangladesh March in the summer season and June in the winter season. 150-180 days 9-10 (summer)

15-18 (winter)

Virus resistance verity. The attacks of other insects and diseases also very low. Flowering start within 45-55 days after sowing. This is the most profitable variety because of unseasonal productions.

Time of seed sowing and Seed Percentage

The best time of seed sowing for early variety is June. For the other variety is June to July. Summer variety of country bean can be sowing any time of the year. The percentages of seeds depend on the seed sowing time and process. Generally, Seed may be required 7.5 kg per hector.

Method of Sowing

  • The seeds may be sown in rows, or on ridges by drilling or by dibbling.
  • Flatbed and ridges and furrow layout are used. Spacing is 90 X 90 cm or 1m X 1m.
  • Dibble single seed 30 cm apart on one side of the ridge formed at a spacing of 60 cm for the bush type.

Land preparation

The land should be plowed 4-5 times. The bed should be 1 m in length with single line process. Seed to seed and Plant to plant distance should be 1.0 m and 1.5 m. The drain should be 50 cm between two beds for the proper water management. Ant, Cutworm, and cricket can be controlled by applying of Heptachlor 5-7 kg/ ha.

Fertilizer and manure

Fertilizer Name Amount/ha Apply on last ploughed time Bed preparation time After 30days of seed sowing or planting
Cow dung 10 ton all
Urea 25 kg 12.5 12.5
TSP 90 kg all
MOP 60 kg 30 30
Sulpher 5 kg all
Boron 5 kg all


Seed sowing or plantingStep by Step Country Bean Cultivation Process

Seed sowing or planting should be done after 4 – 5 days of bed preparation and fertilizer application.



Extra seedling should be removed within 8-10 days. Wide must be controlled for the country bean cultivation. Urea and MOP fertilization should be applied after 30 days of seed sowing. Irrigation should be done enumeration 10-15 days. The old and death steam should be removed.

Note: Sometimes, Many people face a question that, “Are beans Vegetables?” Yes, Beans are a Vegetable.


After 25-30 days of flower blooming, the country bean can be harvested. This is the proper time of harvesting.  The production of country beans 15-20 ton per hector.

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