Papaya Mealybug – Symptom, Damage Level, treatment and control

Papaya cultivation is getting popularity day by day. It is a profitable crop than other vegetable crops. Papaya cultivation can be more profitable for proper diseases and pest management. Papaya Mealybug is a very dangerous insect of papaya plant. This insect attack more on papaya than Guava, Chilli, Tomato and other crops. The scientific name of Papaya Mealybug is Paracoccus Marginatus.

Papaya Mealybug Symptoms:

Papaya Mealybug - Symptom, Damage Level, treatment and control

  • Mealybug clings with stem, leaves, Flower, and fruit like a small cotton ball.
  • This white insect releases toxic substances on the leaves. The infected leaves become crinkly and deformed shape.
  • The growth of the tree decreases
  • The immature leaves become yellow in a few days and fall down.
  • The papaya flowers can’t bloom properly. Fruit become small and fall down.
  • Black spot covered on top of the fruit.
  • When the Mealybug attack too much, it looks like a thick wax on the leaves, fruits, and stems of papaya plants.

Crop damage level:

The production is reduced to almost zero after affecting flowers, leaves, fruits, and shoots of papaya. The fruit becomes black color and damage. That’s why farmer’s do not get the actual market price of papaya.

Papaya Mealybug Remedies:

There is two types management system of Papaya Mealybug.

  1. Mechanical suppression
  2. Biological suppression
  3. Chemical suppression

Mechanical suppression

# Just kill the insects when you see in the papaya field.

# You can spray water in the initial state.

# If attacked more, avoid using excessive water and nitrogen-rich fertilizer (urea).

Chemical suppression:

# You can use which insects can destroy Mealybug. E.g:- cryptolimus monroegiarii.

# Use of Mahogany:Papaya Mealybug - Symptom, Damage Level, treatment and control
  • At first, Select 10 pieces of mahogany dry seed or 1 kg leaf
  • Crush it and infusion with 1-liter water for seven days.
  • Then Extract it and make a mixer with 10 liters of water & 20 gm detergent powder for spray.
  • Spray the mixer two times in the first week. Then spray every 15/20 days interval.

# Make a mixer of 10 grams detergents and 1 pinch of chili flour with 1 liter of water. Spray the mixer two times in the first week on affected papaya plants. Then spray every 15/20 days interval.

# Neem oil and water mixture can be applied.

Chemical suppression:

# Spray Trix or Vim 10 ml/liter water 2 times in the first week.

# You can contact the agricultural office to use the authorized insecticides.


# Get advice from agriculturalists for all types of diseases/invasive management.

# Do not spray against the air.

# Take masks, globs, raincoats and prevention systems before Spraying.

# If you feel sick, take a quick look at the government hospital with the pesticides packets or bottle.

Although, Papaya Mealybug is a very dangerous insect of papaya cultivation. But you can prevent it by proper management and care.

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