Cucumber Diseases & Pests Management: Aphids

Cucumber is one of the most popular vegetables to the people. Cucumber production can be increased by the cucumber diseases & pests Management properly. It is cultivated widely in many countries of the world. It is a short stage plant. Farmers can grow cucumber easily and get a profit very quickly. But some of the Diseases and pests are very harmful to the cucumber cultivation like Anthracnose, Battle, Powdery Mildew, Downy Mildew, Aphids of cucumber, etc.

Cucumber Diseases & Pests Management: Aphids

Aphids are the most damaging pest of cucumber on the cultivation stage in the field. It lives on the back side of cucumber leaf and sucks the leaf and steam juice very quickly.

Symptoms of Aphids on Cucumber Cultivation

Cucumber Diseases & Pests Management

▬ Adult and nymph both are sucking the juice of cucumber leaf, new steam and flowers.

▬ Plants are looked like yellow color and weak.

▬ Buds of flower and young fruits are fall.

▬ Aphids release the sweet juice by their chronical on the affected area, then shootee mold bacteria are grown in the area.

▬ Affected area is shown black and young shoots die.

Control of Aphids on Cucumber Cultivation

▬ Clean cultivation is imperative to control these pets.

▬ Affected parts of the plant should be removed from the field.

▬ The balanced fertilizer should be used in the cultivation time.

▬ Crop rotation should be followed.

▬ Planting should be maintained by the same distance from the bed to bed.

▬ It can be controlled by applying the mixer of ash and kerosene oil on the leaf of cucumber.

▬ Use detergent 3 gm/liter water with Neem/ Bisakathamli/ Dhutara/ Custard Apple/ Papaya/ Vitex negundo/ Joba/ Meri Gold leaf mixer 1 kg/10-liter water and spree it on the field.

▬ You can spree pesticide of Imidacloprid 20 SL group ( Imitaf/ Admayar/ Tido/ Bumper/ Gain/ Premier/ Automida) 0.5 ml/liter water.

▬ Spree Acifet 75 SP ( Asataf/ Tidfet/ Fortunate) 1.5 gm/ liter water.

This is all about the cucumber diseases & pests management of Aphids. The production of cucumber can be reduced 50% by affecting of Aphids. So it should be controlled immediately on the cucumber cultivation field.

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