Complete Watermelon Growing Guides for Beginners

Watermelon Growing is increasing day by day in the world. The reason of its own test, nutrition value and the desire of eating to all ages people.  If you want to classify the top 10 fruits then you must keep the name of watermelon. It is platable fruit like Apple, Banana, Litchi, Papaya, Guava, Mango etc. It also used as a vegetable in many countries. we are sharing about Watermelon Growing and seeds marketing strategy today.

Scientific classification of Watermelon:Complete Watermelon Growing Guides for Beginners

Kingdom: Plantae
Order: Cucerbitales
Family: Cucerbitaceae
Genus: Citrullus
Species: C. lanatus
Variety: lanatus
Origin: South Africa is the origin of watermelon.

watermelon Nutrition fact:

Watermelon is a very nutritious fruit. Special nutrient feature of watermelon are
• It has 90 % water highest than any other fruits.
• It has the special refreshing quality to combat the heat of the human body.
• It is a big source of Iron than any other fruits. That is very helpful for human body strength and very good for female in their pregnancy period and after pregnancy.
• It is very good source of silicon that helps to protect the body from skin disease.

Morphology of watermelon

Leaves:Complete Watermelon Growing Guides for Beginners

All of the other species have whole leaves but the leaves are pinnately divided into three or four pairs of lobes, except for an entire leaf non-lobed gene mutant-controlled by the non-lobed gene.

Stems:Complete Watermelon Growing Guides for Beginners

The stems are thin, hairy, angular grooved and have branched and up to 30 feet long, although three are dwarf types with shortened less branched stems.

Roots:Complete Watermelon Growing Guides for Beginners

Roots are extensive but shallow, with a taproot and many lateral roots

Flowers:Complete Watermelon Growing Guides for Beginners

Watermelon has small flowers that are less showy than other cucurbits. Flowering begins about weeks after seeding. Flowers of watermelon are staminate (male), perfect or pistillate, usually borne in that order on the plant as it grows. The pistillate flowers have an inferior ovary, and the size and the shape of the ovary are correlates with the final fruit size and shape.

Fruits:Complete Watermelon Growing Guides for Beginners

The fruit of watermelon are round to cylindrical, up to 24 inches long and have a ring 0.4 to 1.5 inches thick. The edible part of the fruits is the endocarp. Fruit large is as 262 lb have been recorded and weight 8 to 35 lb. In Asia, small watermelon fruit in the range of 2 to 8 lb.

Seeds:Complete Watermelon Growing Guides for Beginners

Seeds continue to mature as the fruit ripens and the wind lightens in color. There is no dormancy of watermelon seed. So they can be harvested on one day cleaned, dried and plant on next day. Seed germinate in 2 days – 2 weeks depending on temperature and moisture conditions. Seeds will not germinate below 60 degrees F. The optimum germination temperature is 85 to 90 degree F, especially for hybrid seed.

Watermelon Vine:Complete Watermelon Growing Guides for Beginners

Vine is special in morphology. Vines are trailing vine.

Watermelon Growing

Watermelon Farming is a low-cost cultivation crop. It needs very few amounts of fertilizers and manure on the cultivation time which is very less than other crops.

Climatic requirement for the watermelon growing:

For The Watermelon growing needs a specific climate condition. It is a warm long season crop. It is grown in all tropical and subtropical climates. Wet weather and much sunlight are needed. The average temperature is 25-40 degree centigrade. Less than 25 degree centigrade temperature is harmful to the watermelon growing and development. More than 40 degree centigrade temperature is tolerable for watermelon growing. Mostly watermelon growing districts of Bangladesh are- Naogan, Barishal, Thakhurgaon, Gopalganj, Gaibandha, Jhenidhah, Jhalkhati, Cox’s bazaar, Vhola, Khulna, Satkhira, Bagherhat, Dinajpur, Chuadhanga, Nilphamari, Shunaganj, Sylet, Moulivibazar, Dhaka, Khagrachari, Rangamati, Bandarban and Sherpur.

Here included a map show the areas of watermelon cultivation in Bangladesh.

Soil condition for watermelon growing:

Watermelon cultivates in every kind of soil but fertile loamy soil is better for it’s farming and sandy soil also good for watermelon growing. It is growing well in riverside soil. Soil pH requires 5.5- 7.0.


Propagation is usually by watermelon seeds.

Land preparation

With plowing and harrowing land needed to be made . Pit will have to prepare the land for development. The seedlings should be planted after fertilization.

Sowing time / production season

From February to April the weather is suitable for the cultivation of watermelon. The first part of February is the best for showing. Sowed winter crops in advance to get the best from January to protect tender seedlings can be arranged. Poly can be used for the tunnel.


Pit per sow is usually 4-5 seeds. Pit 8-10 days before sowing the fertilizer on the ground is always to be mixed. The distance from row to row is 2 x 2 meters away from the heart to pit. Pit to 50 cm and 30 cm wide.


Watermelon seedlings planted better than sow seeds for cultivation. The seed is less wasted. To produce seedlings of small polyethylene bag filled with sand and decomposed cow-dung manure per sow was one bag. Pit 30-35 days old seedlings are planted in a 5-6 leafs.

The amount of seed

850gm-1 kg of seeds per hectare is required.

Fertilizer application

The flowing doses are needed for watermelon cultivation for 1 hector of land.
Cow-dung = 10-12 ton
Urea= 150 kg
TSP= 125 kg
Mp = 100 kg
• Cow-dung and TSP 50% should be given after land preparation and 50% after seed planting.
• Urea and MP 50% should be given after 15-2 days of seed planting and other 50% after fruiting.
• It’s needed to give Molybdenum and Boron for the basis of soil requirement.

Seed germination

If the winter is very cold, soak the seeds in water for 1 hour, manure deposited in the sand or clay pot inside the 3 -day germinated seeds are kept. Seed germination of seeds on the floor, or when there is a good pit move.

Transitional Care

The irrigation is needed during the dry season. Drip irrigation is better than any other irrigation system. At the base of the tree, the water does not have to be aware of. If water stays a long time in root area then root rot can occur. Weeding should be done regularly. First, weeding should be done after 15 days of planting. Each tree is not the result of more than 3-4 fruits. That is the fruit of the tree branches to keep the knob in the middle. The four branches of the fruit of four are enough. It may be mentioned here that should be a consequence of 1 to 30 leaves. We should have to give straw under the fruits for avoiding diseases and pest. It’s necessary to move the fruits for good color fruit because if we keep long time a fruit in a single side then this siding color must be white. So it’s necessary to move the fruits regular basis.


In the morning, with the male and female flowering female flowers with male flowers to pollinate the crop is better.

Disease and Pest

Leaf beetleComplete Watermelon Growing Guides for Beginners

Leaf beetle insect pests and diseases are low, while the number of worms in the early years when insect eggs and young to be destroyed. If the number of poker Ripakarda / sumithiyana / malathion 57 EC 1 ml / liter to spray doses weekend .

Insect fodderComplete Watermelon Growing Guides for Beginners

The tender insect tree trunk, the tip of the leaf juice and eat absorbing damage. Sumithiyana to subdue the insects / ml of malathion 57 EC / liter to spray doses .

Majra beetleComplete Watermelon Growing Guides for Beginners

Female beetle lays eggs under the skin. Kiragulo destroys eggs hatch out and eat fruits are usually decomposed. Epoka to quell Ripakarda / sumithiyana / malathion 57 EC 1 ml / liter to spray doses.

Stem rot diseaseComplete Watermelon Growing Guides for Beginners

Rotten tree trunk near the base of the tree melon attacks the disease die. .5 Grams for each car daithena M -45 per 1 liter of mixed panete 10-15 days after the plants should be sprayed.

Phiujeriyama wilt disease

The disease attacks the tree and fell asleep. If you are planning to extract lower incidence of the disease, diseased plants will return and burn up.

Harvesting of watermelon

Ripe watermelon varieties should be harvested depending on the weather. After sowing, the fruits maturity usually takes 80-110 days. Watermelon fruit ripening is a little difficult to calculate the exact time. As a result, most of the time to ripen is not seen any outward signs. However, the following symptoms can be seen guess a lot of it is ripe watermelon.

• Pap fruit that is akarsi dry it is brown.
• Watermelon peel shiny shell is going to fall on the fine bristles.
• Melon that takes place on the ground, it becomes green to bright yellow rannera.
• It shells are red.
• If you tap with your fingers, then you must understand that the DAB DAB term maturity has been the result. The crude fruit has a lot of the sound.


The production of watermelon is more than 50-60 tons per hectare yield. Watermelon growing and cultivation is not so hard like the other fruits cultivating.

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